Bernie Chih-Hsuan Hsiung


Lawyer Hsiung adheres to a philosophy of Professionalism acute analytical ability and with his consummate skills, he devotes his passion towards promoting his client’s interests. Lawyer Hsiung is an expert at civil and criminal litigation, forcible execution, intellectual property rights, labor rights, and company reengineering business.

Case of refactoring and bankruptcy for Pro Kennex Enterprise Co., case of refactoring for Cheng Feng Enterprise Co. Ltd.

Case of copyright for on-line game “The Stone Age” of Wayi International Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Case of Chuan Kuo Golf Garden Club, case of Lingo’s Resort, Sun Moon Lake, case of hillside conservation for Tung Shan Paradise

Tax collection case of Hai Yin Temple, case of hillside conservative for Ching Liang Temple, case of chairman’s copyright of I Kuan Tao National Association

Case of Kohikan Café’s trademark auction, case of Kennex Enterprise’s trademark auction, lawsuit of patent case for Sunrex Technology Corp.

Arbitration case of new building of Nantou City Office, arbitration case of military dependent’s village rebuilding of Ministry of National Defense

Graduated from Law Department of Soochow University (passed the National Normal Examination when still an undergraduate student)

Passed Special Examination for Professionals held by Ministry of Economic Affairs, Special Examination for Level B of Investigators, Special Examination of Judicial official for Level B of Magistrates and Prosecutors, and Qualification Screening Examination for Lawyer

A former court clerk who has a good command of each procedural lawsuit process

Completed training from the 22nd term of The Judges and Prosecutors Training Institute

A former judge to Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court and Taichung District Court during which concurrently held lectureship for Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code in Taiwan Police College

Has plenty of experiences in executing and overseeing four to five thousand civil and criminal cases concerning intellectual property, household affairs, labor affairs, and transportation, and was selected as the Most Excellent Judge through unofficial voting by Journalist’s Intercommunication Association in Kaohsiung District

A former presiding lawyer in Cheng Chun Law Office

An honorary consultation lawyer to Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of Ministry of Economic Affairs

An arbitrator of the Arbitration Association of the Republic of China

General Administrator of Taichung Bar Association

The former President of Changhua Bar Association

Currently in charge of special projects concerning administrative procedure, tax regulation, trademark law, patent law and copyright law in Justus Law Offices


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