Dennis Kai-Fu Lin


The persistence of his efforts in legal affairs has led Lawyer Lin to be an expert on legal reform enhancing the current evolution of Taiwan Law. By relying on an ardor for research and service, Lawyer Lin has worked at achieving his goal of “Setting a foot in Justus and making a mark on the world”. Lawyer Lin has concentrated efforts on the study of special projects concerning Land Law and Architecture Law.

In charge of controversial cases over the extended tenure for the director of Changhua Christian Hospital and the discharge of directors.

Case involving dispute between Board of Director of shing-Lo hospital of Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

Case of arbitration over construction fund of Directorate General of Highways, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and case of arbitration over deposit for security of Health Department, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.

Case of leasing, land and arbitration of Taichung Harbor Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Case for check-and-handover of leasing and return of deposit security and rental of Yumaowu Supermarket Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Case for sale of land of Long pang Development Company and consultation of its special project for presale of Chin Tai Shan

Case for return of land and market price of Chung I Industrial development Co., Ltd.

Case for revocation of shareholder meeting of Taichung Department Co., Ltd.

Case about allotment of worship fund, assignment of rights and return of land of Worship Association

Ownership transfer registration and infringement on creditor’s right of Taichung Farmer’s Association

Case of premium payment of Yu Chu Construction Co., Ltd.

Graduated from Law Department of National Chung Hsing University

A former commissioner to Legal Affairs Office of Cathay Trust Co.

Passed the 1983 National Higher Examination for Legal Affairs of Finance Section

A former clerk of Legal Affairs Department of Taipei Bank

The first place at 1985 Examination of Judicial Official for Magistrates and Prosecutors

Completed training from the 23rd term of The Judges and Prosecutors Training Institute

A former judge for six years in Criminal Court, Civil Court and Civil Execution Department in Tainan District Court, Chiayi District Court and Taichung District Court, during which he oversaw between two and three thousand cases

 A former presiding lawyer in Cheng Chun Lawyer Office

An arbitrator of the Arbitration Association of the Republic of China and Chinese Engineering Arbitration Association

A former, a lecturer in National Taichung Institute of Technology

Currently in charge of special projects concerning Land Law and Architecture Law in Justus Law Offices


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