Frank Te-Chien Tsai


From a global perspective, Lawyer Tsai is an expert in the fields of international transactions and corporate law. He prioritizes crucial points of complicated cases with a speed and ability that only one with the highest ability and experience would be able to do. The clients rights and benefits are always his major concerns. Besides his specialties in foreign affairs and contracts, Lawyer Tsai is also well-known for his outstanding Criminal and civil litigation skills. Special projectFair Trade Laws, Trademark Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Copy Right Law.  

In charge of the dispute case concerning the investment in Poland

Refactoring case of Pro Kennex Enterprise Co.

BOT case of Taichung Harbor and German-based Bayer Corp.

Case of arbitration for Taiwan Sakura Co., Ltd. and dealers

Case of legal opinions for listing, OTC and capital increment of the company, and issue of overseas trust voucher

Graduated from Law Department of Soochow University

Earned a master degree on Law from Soochow University with the thesis titled Aviation Law: “An Exploration into International Air Transporter on the Aspect of Warsaw Convention”

A former legal commissioner of Equitable Law Office, Ding & Ding Law Office,  Saint Island International Patent & Law Offices and Pro Kennex Enterprise Co.

Completed training from the 23rd term of The Judges and Prosecutors Training Institute

A former judge of Yunlin District Court

A former judge of Changhua District Court

A former director of Taichung Bar Association, and once accompanied the President of Taiwan Bar Association to attend the Annual Meeting of Director held by Asian Bar Association in Tokyo of Japan during which giving a presentation about Taiwan’s addition and amendment on law

A former lecturer of Lawyer Training Institute

A former lecturer for Introduction to Civil Code at Providence University

A former director of Taiwan Bar Association

Currently a member of IPBA (Inter-Pacific Bar Association), and has traveled to Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, Canada and Japan to attend the annual meetings held by this association

An honorary consultation lawyer to Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of Ministry of Economic Affairs

An arbitrator of the arbitration Association of the Republic of China and Chinese Engineering Arbitration Association

Currently in charge of special projects concerning Fair Trading Act, Trademark Law, Patent Law and Copyright Law in Justus Law Offices


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