Hung-Peng Jao


Being as a judge for over 30 years, Lawyer Jao is always patient and well-listening to the statements of the Parties. After his professional consultation and analysis, he can figure out all the facts promptly, get over the critical legal issues and coordinate any disputes arising out thereof. He is usually devoted in rendering a best solution for client so that the case he takes care will be closed with a successful ending. The truths, the rights and benefits of client, the righteousness and justice are always his major concerns during his professional career.


Graduated from Law Department of Soochow University

Passed Advanced Examination for Notary Public, Special Examination of Judicial official for Level B of Magistrates and Prosecutors

A former Notary Public, well- acquainted with the business of notarization  

Completed training from the 23rd term of The Judges and Prosecutors Training Institute

A former judge to Chiayi District Court, Hsinchu District Court and Taichung District Court

A former Chief of Tribunal at Hsinchu District Court and Taichung District Court

A former Judge and Chief of Tribunal of Taiwan High Court, Taichung Branch Court.

A former Judge of Civil/ Criminal Tribunal and Administrative Enforcement Agency, being as a Judge for over 30 years and taking over more than 20,000 cases

Having in charge of cases concerning critical criminal, embezzlement and malfeasance, construction disputes in civil, labor affairs, household affairs, intellectual property right, patent right, medical affairs and election


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