Clare Ling-Man Lin



In step with globalization, Dr. Lin, being an expert on international trade matters, advises clients and maps out offshore enterprise operation plans and strategies by relying on her professional and outstanding analytical skills, to remold business competitiveness and enhance profitability at a time when faced with limited resources and drastic competition.  Moreover, Dr. Lin has assembled and trained a team of excellent lawyers to assist her in this quest. With Dr. Lin’s efforts, Justus Law Offices has solved the dilemma faced by enterprises in central Taiwan which previously had to seek legal services from law offices in northern Taiwan and Justus is thus currently offering the most complete and advanced legal services in central Taiwan. By playing a significant and active role as a legal consultant, Dr. Lin has worked hard at carrying out the business operation plans for enterprises with her professionalism and offering invaluable support to the operation risks. Dr. Lin is specialized in international and local company law, investment regulations, intellectual property rights and general business legal affairs.  

Case of development and cooperation with aviation business in New Zealand

Case of cooperation for construction of building for the internationally renowned The Lalu of Sun Moon Lake and the management

Case of acquisition of bankrupt enterprise’s land, factory building and facilities in Poland

The issue of GDR overseas.

Case of liquidation for reinvestment company in England

The issue of BVI Company’s overseas convertible debenture

Case of integration for company crisis and structure of operation investment

Case of integration of overseas investment (Mainland China) and listing issues in Hong Kong

Case of acquisition in Canada

A representative for settlement on the dispute for investment in USA

Case of acquisition of bankrupt company’s assets in USA

Case of trans-national joint venture in USA, Taiwan and Mainland China

Case of technology transfer and patent authorization in Japan

Case of brand distribution and agency in the world.

Case of settlement on responsibility of damages compensation for American’s product

Case of deed of trust abroad

Case of overseas manager’s subscription of stock plan

Case of investment of stock ownership in Hong Kong

Case of investment of stock ownership and guaranty in Vietnam

Case of company establishment for the investment in USA

Case of investment cooperation by Hong Kong and Taiwanese manufacturers in Mainland China

Case of investment cooperation by Japanese and Taiwanese manufacturers in Mainland China 

Graduated from Law Department of National Taiwan University; Doctor of Law of Pacific Coast University

Commissioner of Legal Affairs of Saint Island International Patent & Law Offices, Manager of Legal Affairs of Pro Kennex Enterprise Co., Ltd. 

Person-in-charge for cooperate division Cheng Chun Law Office

Lecturer for business lectureship at Tunghai University, chairman of Alumnus Association of Taichung Girls’ Senior High School      

Member of IPBA (Inter-Pacific Bar Association) 


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